Posted by: Rick | Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Military Madness

American wingnuts are like an army of ants.  Or — to mix metaphors — there  seems to be something analogous to the “strong nuclear force” that keeps conservatives of various stripes marching in lockstep, no matter what kind of nonsense they have to spew to get there.

Erick Erickson of RedState hates talking about Don’t Ask Don’t Tell (basically, because it’s “icky”), but he has to find some reason to oppose its repeal.  Here’s what he comes up with:

For the life of me I cannot figure out why this is an issue.  There are gays in the military already.  Don’t Ask Don’t Tell prevents the military from having to get into those sticky, potentially icky discussions of fraternization that are now made very easy based on whether or not a member of the military has a uterus and, if so, separate at night before turning off the light, etc.

But there is more to it than that.  And this is the substantive part of it.

Yes, a majority of Americans do not care.  But who cares what these people think.  They are not getting shot at by the Taliban.  And yes, supposedly a majority of the military doesn’t care.  But, and no disrespect intended, who cares what they think?  I care about what the men and women on the front lines in the war zone think and I have not seen any polling breaking it out that way.

What I do see is the Marines, who are on the front lines, are opposed and that is enough for me. (Emphasis added)

That’s crackerjack thinking, Erick.  But you’re not stopping with gays, are you?  You admit that Don’t Ask Don’t Tell isn’t much of an issue.  So why don’t you poll the front-line Marines about all the important stuff?  Athenian democracy meets a Spartan military.

Something tells me this isn’t how right-wingers want to run their bloody jihads. . .



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