Posted by: Rick | Thursday, December 2, 2010

Dude, Where’s My Earmark?

In the least surprising story of the week, it seems that the teabaggiest teabaggers in the Republican caucus are plenty grabby when it comes to the federal earmarks they profess to hate:

Members of the Congressional Tea Party Caucus may tout their commitment to cutting government spending now, but they used the 111th Congress to request hundreds of earmarks that, taken cumulatively, added more than $1 billion to the federal budget.

According to a Hotline review of records compiled by Citizens Against Government Waste, the 52 members of the caucus, which pledges to cut spending and reduce the size of government, requested a total of 764 earmarks valued at $1,049,783,150 during Fiscal Year 2010, the last year for which records are available.

It’s hilarious to see gullible Sunday pundits waxing poetic about the Tea Party and its alleged “principles”.  As if The Boner and The Turtle might not be able to conduct Republican business-as-usual because a bunch of teabaggers will be watching!  That’s a joke.

If teabaggers really gave a rat’s ass about fiscal discipline, they would have tarred and feathered George W. Bush long ago for keeping his expensive warmongering off the books.  But the truth is, they don’t care how much money gets spent as long as the right people are doing the spending.

Republican leaders can keep the ‘baggers in check simply by flashing — on a regular schedule! — some shiny, meaningless objects in front of their dopey faces — like this:

An exhibit at the Smithsonian’s National Portrait Gallery in Washington has sparked debate over federal funding for the arts.  The exhibit, called Hide/Seek, features artists and cultural figures who were gay, or believed to be gay.  A video in the exhibit was removed after it prompted complaints, but the debate didn’t end there.

The four-minute video is about the death of the artist’s partner from AIDS-related illness.  It includes a shot of a crucifix crawling with ants.

A lay organization called the Catholic League protested.  “The Smithsonian would never have little ants crawling all over an image of Mohammad,” said Catholic League president Bill Donohue.

Donohue has some support from Congress.  Virginia Republican Rep. Eric Cantor, the incoming House majority leader, urged the Portrait Gallery to shut down the whole show, calling it “an outrageous use of taxpayer money.”

Look over here, you morons, while we pick your fuckin’ pockets!



  1. The new conservative candidates have not even taken office yet, how can they be condemned by the same Democrat controlled congress? Be patient, the change we all hope for is coming in January.

    • They’re being condemned by ME. I’ve seen this movie many times.

      The Republican Party is owned — lock, stock and barrel — by the corporations. Every once and awhile, some noisy teabagger types get all worked up about a return to “conservative principles”.

      End result: NOTHING. Republican business as usual (with a little jail time).


    • But Rick, thats where progressives like yourself fail to understand what real change is. Just because teh DNC is controlled by globalists and tree huggers, and will never do anything not ok’s by those groups, does not mean that the new Republicans are stuck in the rut of the progressive Republicans.

      I promise you that Daniel Webster (FL-8) is not owned by any corporation and will be voting for legislation that will benefit the people of his district.

      Now if you have a crystal ball that can tell you what the representatives that have not even taken office yet will do come January, can you let me know who will win the Super bowl this year so I don’t have to waste time watching the rest of the NFL season?

      I have to say, this is entertaining to see the progressive minority in this country crying over the destruction of their socialist utopia falling in the face of freedom in America. How can you always know when politicians are doing the right thing? The progressives are throwing a temper tantrum.


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