Posted by: Rick | Thursday, December 9, 2010

Scared Straights

Right-wingers certainly act like a bunch of closet cases when it comes to getting rid of “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell”.  They’re totally obsessed with gay stuff!  Here are some random comments on the Lavender Menace extracted from National Review Online:

Go ahead, believe that you can add gays, transgenders, and bisexuals to the mix.  You won’t have a truly qualified, mission-focused, truly dedicated young person enter or stay in the ranks.  [“Of course I’d like to kill bin Laden, but I’m afraid to shower with guys drooling over my junk.”]

Simply put, what does an openly gay person add to our ability to win battles?  Will the presense [sic] of an openly gay sub-culture add to our readiness, and help us win battles?  [Substitute “straight” for “gay” here.  Aren’t the answers still “Nothing” and “No”?]

If I cared to take time, I would also argue that homosexual behavior has similar deleterious consequences in civilian society and, therefore, should be under the same DADT stricture as it has been in the military, indeed, as it was, prior to the last few decades, in society at large.  [Is it okay if Ellen DeGeneres keeps her show?]

Heterosexuals normally make sex a private matter.  The Gay lobby likes to flaunt their homosexuality, i.e., they like to “demonstrate” their “propensity.”  If they would just act like normal humans and keep sexual acts private, we wouldn’t have this problem.  [I couldn’t agree more, dude.  Just the other day I saw two guys going at it in Macy’s window.  And the store manager wasn’t even trying to stop them!]

Since so few have any intimate understanding of homosexuality and therefore ignore the imperilments left unspoken by those who do know, and, if leftists support it, should we conclude it can only be bad for the military?  [If you say so, Butch.]

If one wishes to see what happens to an all male organization when it allows openly gay men to serve look no further than the Catholic Church.  The entire episode has been one unmitigated disaster for the RCC.  [That’s only because Catholic altar boys don’t carry M-16s.]

These people are ridiculous.



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