Posted by: Rick | Sunday, December 12, 2010

Krugman’s Warning

As I’ve stated before, I have two idols: Keith Richards and Paul Krugman.  Keith isn’t very political, so I don’t quote him often here.

Anyway — and I know this is very bad form — I’m just going to show you Paul’s latest blog post in its entirety:

Uh-oh.  David Broder says the tax deal marks the beginning of Obama’s recovery.   The president is doomed.

Remember, Broder declared that Katrina would boost Bush’s image, by showing his forcefulness as commander-in-chief — and spent the next three years predicting a Bush comeback just around the corner.

And yes, the column is actually titled “Centrist on the rise.”  You can’t make these things up.

This kind of nonsense is what I’ve been blogging about for two years.  We’re not making ideological progress.  We’re regressing.

I don’t trust Obama to resist Broderism.



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