Posted by: Rick | Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Barack Obama: Mr. Congeniality

Here he goes again, promising to “change the tone”:

“So there are a bunch of things that we’ve done, but I think people still feel that overall, Washington is about a lot of politics, it’s lot of special interests, big money, but that ordinary people’s voices too often aren’t represented,” Obama said.  “My hope is that we are gonna be continuing to work towards rebuilding a sense of trust in government.  That’s gonna require some cooperation from Democrats and Republicans.  I think part of what frustrates people is also just the constant partisanship and the constant looking at what’s gonna happen in the next election instead of trying look out for the interests of the American people.”

Are we going to have to listen to two more years of this nonsense?  Politics has been a contact sport for thousands of years.  Voters don’t care about bipartisanship. 

If Democrats had somehow rammed through a huge, progressive stimulus package — leaving Republican blood running though the streets of Washington but also reducing unemployment to 8% — they would have won big in November and Barack Obama would be halfway to Mount Rushmore.   Americans are very pragmatic.  They care about results.

Obama seems to under the delusion that his nice-guy, “post-partisan” routine got him elected president.  Wrong, wrong, wrong.  After eight years of Bush, Dennis Kucinich might have beaten John McCain. 

Compromise is part of a politician’s life.  But making the quest for it an end in itself — making compromise, in effect, the core of your political identity — is asinine. 

It gets you nowhere, it confuses the electorate, and — above all — it makes you look like a pushover.



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