Posted by: Rick | Monday, December 20, 2010

Lockstep Wingnut Punditry

It’s no surprise that Senate Republicans are playing politics with the START Treaty.  They’ll use any means at their disposal to make Barack Obama look bad so they can replace him with a corporate toady in 2012.  But you’d think an alleged foreign policy “expert” like Bill Kristol might have something responsible to say here, wouldn’t you?  After all, every GOP heavyweight from Henry Kissinger to Condoleeza Rice has called for the treaty’s swift ratification. 

Alas, conservatives are nothing if not politically disciplined.  (The terms “Republican hack” and “right-wing pundit” represent a distinction without a difference.)  I’ve Googled high and low attempting to ascertain Bill Kristol’s substantive position on START, to no avail.  He’s said to be against it, but as for his reasons. . . crickets.

I’d actually have more respect for Kristol if he’d climb into bed with clowns like Jim DeMint and parrot the dangerous foreign policy idiocy he’s tacitly endorsing.  But it seems the cheap Republican factotum who once served as Dan Quayle’s brain wants to maintain the fiction of his independence. 

Good luck with that, Sparky.



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