Posted by: Rick | Monday, January 3, 2011

The Full Republican Monty — Yuck!

The most important political event of 2011 could occur on Wednesday — if Senate Democrats find the courage to reform the filibuster rule.  Here’s the deal:

It requires no intelligence, experience or scruples to get elected as a Republican these days.  All one need do is regurgitate ad nauseam a mindless slogan about tax cuts, “out-of-control spending” and freedom.  A genetically altered chimpanzee capable of such an act would be indistinguishable from Senator Tom Coburn.  Neither of them has any interest in government.

As it stands now, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell can simply threaten a filibuster and block legislation.  He and his goons never have to flesh out their anti-social views on the floor.  Lucky for them.  Most voters would be repulsed.

A simple rule change requiring senators to actually stand up and filibuster will go a long way toward exposing Republicans as the brain-dead charlatans and corporate errand boys we know them to be.

Lord knows President Obama hasn’t felt the need to call them out.



  1. I back this rules change because in 2 years when the Dems are in the minority it will be nice to keep them from slowing GOP progress once they have control of both houses and the white house.

    I think this will also expose the lies of the MSM when they claim there is a GOP filibuster when no such thing has happened or was even planned. Often the Dem controlled MSM likes to claim there is a filibuster planned when they know they don’t have enough votes even from their own majority to pass the unconstitutional bills.

    It will be nice to start exposing the very weak progressive Democrats for what they are, a very loud minority in America.


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