Posted by: Rick | Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Madison Spins In His Grave

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Few auditory performances are as cringe-inducing as an “intellectual” discourse from Sean Hannity.  The man can scarcely tie his shoes without injuring either himself or some innocent bystander.  When the big blockhead starts channeling Antonin “Fat Tony” Scalia on Republican Constitutional “principles”, no brain cell within shouting distance is safe from the stupid. 

Nonetheless, it’s with such a ludicrous monologue that Sean chose to open his radio show yesterday — and that’s instructive for us Democrats.  

Since Hannity himself is utterly incapable of independent cognition, we now know for certain that the incoming Republican Congressional High Command plans to justify its vile behavior by wrapping its depravities in a dumb-ass right-wing interpretation of what the Founding Fathers really meant. 

Consider yourself warned.



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