Posted by: Rick | Monday, January 10, 2011

Arizona Massacre: Beware Of Red Herrings

Here’s a bit of nonsense (from Bernard Goldberg) that right-wingers are pushing hard:

It’s interesting, and not in a good way, that the same liberals who are so concerned about supposedly hateful conservative speech polluting our national conversation never seemed especially bothered by all the talk about President Bush being a “war criminal” and a “Nazi.”

Nor were they especially outraged over the movie “Death of a President” which was about the assassination — not of some fictional generic president — but of President George W. Bush specifically.

People can have honest disagreements about who — if anyone — is to “blame” for Jared Lee Loughner’s killing spree.  It’s speculation, and neither the left nor the right should take things too far.

But one thing’s for sure: In America, the angry right is about a hundred times louder than the angry left.  How many people have even heard of the Bush assassination movie that so upsets Bernard Goldberg?  I’d put the number in the dozens.  And I’d guess that most of them are right-wingers trying to manufacture outrage.  Compare this to the millions exposed daily to the hate-filled rants of Rush Limbaugh and his countless clones. 

If “toning down the rhetoric” is what’s called for in a post-massacre world, then conservatives have a lot more work to do than liberals.



  1. Yet your the one taking a the “opportunity” of a tragedy to once again complain about the “right wing”. Instead of focusing on the lunatic that decided to pull the trigger and murder those people in Arizona, you choose to attack Rush and Bernard Goldberg.

    Where does the hate rhetoric come from for real? Heres a hint, disagreeing with someone is not hate full, calling for someone to be censored or declare a boycott of sponsors because you disagree with their ideas is real hateful rhetoric.

    Get off the soap box and hold the person that committed the crime accountable for his own actions. This scumbag is a good reason for capitol punishment.

  2. I’m sorry if you don’t like it when I complain about the right wing. But that’s pretty much what I do here.

    Actually, I thought this post was about as bipartisan as I’ve ever gotten. Note that I wrote:

    “People can have honest disagreements about whom — if anyone — to ‘blame’ for Jared Lee Loughner’s killing spree. It’s just speculation, and neither the left nor the right should take things too far.”


  3. There’s a lot of evidence that George W. Bush IS a war criminal. This country is supposed to be one of laws, not men. Bush broke the law and is responsible for the deaths of 100s of thousands of people. All Americans should be outraged over that.

    • The real problem Ben is that Bush is just one in a long line of politicians that should be charged with crimes and never will. Then you have Democrats that will only blame Republicans and Republicans that only blame Democrats, in the end it is the American people that are left holding the bills.

      But taking the death of a 9 year old girl, mainly because she was in the company of a politician, as an opportunity to complain about the political actions of either the DNC or the GOP is wrong. No grey areas, just black or white; right or wrong.

      If you want to really write a post about the violent rhetoric that leads to violence, then you need to include all major instances. Like the guy that was arrested for threatening Eric Cantor ( Don’t let your political bias-ism skew the facts, otherwise you just look like another ignorant fool.

      If you take a moment and just look at the political tags to the right on this blog and you will see the one sided message portrayed on this blog. Anyone that uses the label “teabaggers” is using violent rhetoric that does nothing but dehumanizing the opposition and making them easier to eliminate.

      • I have never advocated violence, revolution, “Second Amendment solutions”, or “periodically watering the tree of liberty with the blood of patriots”. Go to GOP politicians and the right-wing blogs if you want that kind of rhetoric.

        I simply believe that the Republican Party is run by and for the corporations; that the Tea Party is comprised of a) charlatans and b) dupes; that Democrats need to be more progressive; that the media bends over backwards not to appaer too “liberal”; and that Sean Hannity has the IQ of a Shetland pony.

        I don’t pretend to be nonpartiasn.

      • To single out the republicans as the only corporate controlled party is ignorant. The Dems get as much, if not more, funding from Wall street and big corporations (

        The fact that you are so one sided explains why your arguments are so childish and run of the mill.

        I appreciate the easy mental work out, so please don’t stop.

      • [Like the guy that was arrested for threatening Eric Cantor ]

        So what was the violent rhetoric that led to this guy threatening Cantor? And there aren’t too many people who would consider calling somebody a “teabagger” violent rhetoric. That’s actually what they called themselves in the beginning before it was known that it was some kind of gay sex act.

  4. Following the Freeper link above, I came to this little nugget (from The Hill):

    “Since 1990, finance, insurance and real estate interests have given nearly $2.4 billion to Democrats and Republicans, according to the Center for Responsive Politics. The contributions went 45 percent to Democrats and 55 percent to Republicans.

    In the 2010 campaign cycle, 54 percent of the contributions have gone to Democrats and 45 percent to Republicans, according to the center.”

    I’ve never claimed that there were no corrupt corporate Democrats. I merely claim that in the GOP, corruption is a feature, not a bug.

    And as if on cue . . . Tom DeLay just got three years in the slammer!

    • Thats what makes life easier for Americans, those that do not side with either the DNC or the GOP, we know their are crooks in both parties. Delay got what he deserved, now I am waiting for Rangel to get some time behind bars (as long as there is a Dem in the WH, that will never happen).

      I will end by saying that your inability to criticize the DNC destroys your credibility to criticize any GOP. You come across as a typical Orwellian inner party supporter.


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