Posted by: Rick | Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Never Apologize, Never Explain

Liberals are such weenies when it comes to defending their rhetoric.  It generally takes only a few words of sanctimonious disapprobation from the pundit police to get them to prostrate themselves before David Gregory and promise to play nicer.  End result: They look like milquetoast losers.  Again.

And what of our conservative friends?  Are they ever sorry for anything they say?  Hell no, they’re not! 


If it turns out that Jared Lee Loughner owns the collected works of Glenn Beck and has a full-color portrait of Rush Limbaugh tattooed across his back, the right-wingers will still be yammering — unapologetically — about “locking and loading”.

There’s method in their madness: If they ever have to admit what they’re up to, the whole project might melt down.



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