Posted by: Rick | Monday, January 17, 2011

Coming Soon: A Nation Of Paupers

If America enters a state of permanent decline, future generations will have no trouble determining the cause: the refusal to tax.  We may be the first civilization in history in which the majority of the political class views taxation as unnecessary. 

Faced with major fiscal problems, state governors of both parties are vowing to balance their budgets without trying to raise revenue.  Witness the insanity:

Rick Scott, the new Republican governor of Florida, called for eliminating a business tax and reducing property taxes. He dubbed taxation, regulation and litigation “the axis of unemployment.”  And he issued a warning: “No job — public or private — should be immune from accountability.”

Slogans?  Check.  Buzz words?  Check.  Discredited economic theory?  Check.  Corporate giveaways?  Check.  Union scapegoating?  Check.  Right-wing fear mongering?  Check.

Responsible budgeting and investment in the future?  That sounds like socialism, comrade!



  1. The number one reason for the decline of the American economy is the debasing of our currency.

    If Democrats want to get their hands on the people’s money they should first stop finding new ways to spend it before they get it. Cut spending and I would be for raising taxes to make ends meet. But don’t call for new spending and then cry you need to raise taxes in order to pay for it.

    Spending money before you have it is the juvenile mentality of the left, it didn’t work for progressive Republicans like Bush and it won’t work for socialists like Obama.


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