Posted by: Rick | Thursday, January 27, 2011

Pay No Attention To Those Tax Cuts In The Corner

So I guess the U. S. budget deficit is going to get bigger this year.  That’s a surprise?  Apparently it is to the people now running Congress:

“Today’s CBO projections underscore what Republicans have been telling the Obama administration and its allies: The pursuit of a big government agenda is reckless, irresponsible and unsustainable,” said Representative Tom Price.

Tax cuts for billionaires, of course, don’t cost a penny in the GOP parallel universe.  How convenient.

I don’t know which is more disgraceful — Republican economic hypocrisy or the refusal of the media to call them on it.



  1. What tax cut for billionaires have the GOP proposed?

    • Completely doing away with the “death tax”. Immoral and incredibly expensive.

    • I did not see a bill proposed by Republicans to eliminate the death tax, all though it has been mentioned, but we will take a look at that suggestion.

      It is immoral to tax someones money that was already taxed before. How many times should the government be able to tax a citizens money? Think about this for a moment with out letting the DNC form your thought for you. I get taxed when I earn a dollar and then if I save whats left of that dollar and then leave it to my child when I die, the government wants to tax that dollar again. Where is the morality in that?

      Does it make you nervous at all that the Death Tax is what Karl Marx suggested with the 3rd plank of the communist manifesto?

      Seriously, why do you hate successful people? Do you not strive to be successful or are you satisfied with the idea that your government can place a ceiling on your success?


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