Posted by: Rick | Monday, January 31, 2011

Republicans In Freefall

The GOP agenda:

  • Repeal the new health care law.  Replace it with . . . Can we get back to you on that?
  • Investigate the Administration.  A lot.
  • Cut “spending”.  We’re going to get rid of NPR, use fewer paper clips in our offices and eliminate all the waste, fraud and abuse that Barack Obama and the Democrats created.  (Oh, and as for that crazy talk in Paul Ryan’s “Roadmap for America’s Future” — you know, about us wanting to privatize Medicare and make people work till they’re 80 — don’t worry.  The kid got a little carried away.)
  • Find somebody to run for president who’s crazy enough for the Tea Party but sane enough for David Brooks. 

No wonder Obama is back on track:

A slew of major polls now show Mr. Obama with more public approval than disapproval of his job performance, many of them putting him over the 50 percent mark.  A survey of the latest polls by RealClearPolitics shows Obama averaging 50 percent approval versus 45 percent disapproval.  The last time the positive outweighed the negative was in July.  The last time that gap was at least 5 percentage points was a year ago.

Public support for Republicans last November was a mile wide and an inch deep.  If Democrats hadn’t had such a muddled message, they could have significantly mitigated their losses.



  1. Oh no what will the GOP do? Those major polls have told us the Obama will win the election nearly 2 years from now. They should just give up and not even put a candidate into the race.

    Don’t kid yourself Rick, it was not a “muddled message” that doomed the DNC, it was a crystal clear understanding of their failed policy.


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