Posted by: Rick | Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Reid Plays Hardball

There’s no better way for a politician to get a pat on the head from the media than to attack Social Security.  “Responsible” journalists and pundits have long held the program in contempt and would love to see it privatized or gutted.  This, despite — or, perhaps more accurately, because of — its success in keeping ordinary Americans out of the poorhouse.  The elite media views Social Security as an immoral giveaway to undeserving commoners.  If we’re going to put our fiscal house in order — they believe — the middle class needs to bear the brunt of the suffering.  It’s character-building.

Which is why it’s nice to see this:

At an event with progressive activists last week, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid took major Social Security cuts and privatization completely off the legislative table.

“As long as I’m the Majority Leader, I’m going to do everything within my legislative powers to prevent privatizing or eliminating Social Security,” Reid said. “I’ll simply say it’s off the table.”

Washington Democrats are by nature a cowardly bunch.  They’re always afraid somebody might call them a liberal.  But protecting Social Security should be a no-brainer Democratic priority.

So why isn’t Barack Obama as forceful on the issue as Harry Reid appears to be?



  1. “As long as I’m the Majority Leader”, well, I guess the majority of Americans will have to relive him of his job in 2012 if he is going to block progress.

    “So why isn’t Barack Obama as forceful on the issue as Harry Reid appears to be?” Because he only cares about being re-elected.


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