Posted by: Rick | Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Bombs Away!

When you see Sean Hannity interviewing John Bolton in the midst of a crisis in the Middle East, get ready for some Grade-A wingnut warmongering.  And all roads, of course, lead to Tehran:

HANNITY: Do you think that the Israelis are going to have to strike — they are going to have to take action. . . . As you pointed out, El Baradei, you know, ran cover for the Iranians for all those years that he was with the IAEA.  And, I just don’t think the Israelis have much longer to wait. . . they’re going to have to act in fairly short order.

BOLTON: I think that’s right. I don’t think there’s much time to act.  And I think the fall of a Egyptian government committed to the peace agreement will almost certainly speed that timetable up.

Hannity and Bolton may look and sound like buffoons, but don’t kid yourself: Within the GOP they’re foreign policy titans. (Remember, this is a party that’s going to attempt to purge Dick Lugar from the Senate in 2012.  The teabaggers don’t think he’s crazy enough.)

The neocons won’t rest until the Middle East is destabilized and Iran has been carpet bombed.  A Republican president who wants to act responsibly in this area (assuming such a person even exists) it going to have to beat them back with a very big stick.




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