Posted by: Rick | Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Wingnut Reality Check, Part 107

“The Obama Administration has pursued the most anti-investment, anti-entrepreneur, anti-employment, anti-job agenda since the days of Jimmy Carter.” — Mitt Romney, March 2010.

Now, this

 And this

Oh, dear God in heaven —  in the name of Adam Smith, Karl Marx and all that’s holy to capitalists and workers alike — please spare us another pro-business Republican president!



  1. The private sector is creating jobs DESPITE Obama, not because of his policies. Image how many more jobs would be created if he would get the government out of the way.

    • Not to be rude, but the Bush tax cuts have been in place for a decade. So where are the jobs? Compared to the Clinton record, the Bush record is badly in need of some Viagra.

    • Not rude at all. The unemployment rate was under 5% with those tax cuts, it was not until we had a DNC majority in the senate that the unemployment numbers started going up and have stayed above 9% for Barracks entire presidency so far. Maybe with the GOP in charge of one of the houses in congress we can see unemployment start to go down.


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