Posted by: Rick | Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Defending O’Reilly (Well, Sort Of)

Lest anyone think I’m getting soft in the head, let me be clear: I have absolutely no use for Bill O’Reilly.  He gets paid by Rupert Murdoch to be a Republican shill, and his ludicrous “I’m looking out for the folks” routine makes him the biggest phony on television.  O’Reilly is nothing but Steve Doocy with a bigger mouth, a higher SAT score and a better time slot.  And everyone — including O’Reilly himself — knows it.

Having said that, I now submit that the big blowhard is getting unfairly criticized by Bill Maher and others for “disrespecting” Barack Obama on Super Bowl Sunday.  So O’Reilly kept interrupting the president during their interview.  Big deal.  Bret Baier did the same thing on Special Report last year and the republic survived.  This is Fox News, remember?  Of course they’re going to question this president differently than they questioned his predecessor!  They treated George W. Bush like he was Zeus descended from Mount Olympus.  But then again — for a good portion of Bush’s reign after 9/11 — so did the rest of the media.  That didn’t work out too well, did it?  I hardly think lack of deference to presidents by news organizations is a problem we need to worry about.

Bill O’Reilly is an insecure egomaniac who wasted a lot of Super Bowl Sunday airtime interrupting the President of the United States, resulting in a shitty Fox News interview that diminishes the credibility of a high-profile right-wing propagandist. 

Barack Obama doesn’t seem to be too upset, and neither am I.



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