Posted by: Rick | Thursday, February 10, 2011

The Evils Of American Exceptionalism

Why has virtually every decent country in the world rejected a free market approach to health care?  Because such a system is expensive, inefficient and immoral.  If the United States is to survive into the next century, it must eventually embrace a socialist model.  There’s simply no alternative.

In the meantime we’ll have to put up with conservatives who live in free enterprise fantasy land.  Here’s James Capretta from National Review Online:

The Ryan-Rivlin plan is based on empowering consumers to find the best value possible for their defined-contribution payment. This is the way to unleash a productivity revolution in health care. The administration says it wants everyone to have access to low-cost, high-quality models, such as the Geisinger Health Plan. The way to bring that about is with a dynamic consumer marketplace in which those kinds of plans are rewarded financially for being more efficient and of higher quality.  And the way to bring that about is by giving people the control and financial incentive to become active, cost-conscious consumers both of the insurance they select and the delivery system by which they get their care. That’s exactly what would happen under Ryan-Rivlin, which is why it would work and Obamacare wouldn’t.

Look, the health insurance industry is pretty simple.  You collect as much money in premiums as you can and pay out as little in claims as possible.  You’re not in the business of “unleashing productivity”.  You leave that nonsense to propeller heads like Paul Ryan.  You’re predatory middlemen who hate sick people because it’s hard to make money off them.

No army of “active” senior citizens and “cost-conscious” cancer patients wielding puny Republican health vouchers is going to change the nature of the insurance racket.



  1. “Look, the health insurance industry is pretty simple. You collect as much money in premiums as you can and pay out as little in claims as possible.” Why are they able to do that? Think about it. Once you figure out why they are able to collect large premiums and then pay out little, then you can find a solution to that problem.

    I have an idea of what enables them to act in that manner, but I would like to hear your insight first.


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