Posted by: Rick | Monday, February 14, 2011

Give ‘Em Enough Rope

The briefest perusal of recent history shows that Republicans aren’t serious about reducing the long-term budget deficit.  If they were, they wouldn’t have made the Bush tax cuts permanent. 

Since Republicans refuse to pay for anything, they’re forced to try to cut popular and necessary discretionary programs — programs which in the grand scheme of things are chump change anyway.  (When push comes to shove, they know they can’t support Paul Ryan’s plan to dismantle entitlements.  That would be political suicide.)

Like clockwork every few years, the Republican Party goes through a charade of fiscal responsiblity.  It’s Groundhog Day, and thank God the White House seems to know it:

Democrats in Congress and some in the White House are so sure that House Republicans’ anti-spending fervor will alienate independent voters — much like Congressional Republicans did during the Clinton administration — that they want to give Republicans as much time as it takes for history to repeat itself.  Democrats have been encouraged in that belief by House Republicans’ recent infighting and the early public outrage over the Republicans’ various proposals to slash money for border security, law enforcement, environmental programs, job training and education.

You’ve seen this movie before.  Republican budget-cutters get shot down by reality and go down in flames.  After much tedious soul-searching on the right, a reshuffled batch of conservative purists — the next Tea Party Movement — emerges to demand a return to the principles of Reagan.

Lather, rinse, repeat.



  1. Rick, welcome to the real change. There is a difference between the progressive GOP of Reagan/Bush/Bush eras and the “Tea Party”/conservative GOP we see growing today.

    I understand that it is hard for some to see because they are more concerned with the title of the party in the majority of Washington, but there has been a paradigm change in America. Thanks to the volumes of information available between the internet, 24 hour news networks and libraries, we are seeing people getting informed and staying informed.

    Thanks to sources like and, we are able to watch every vote our reps are making and then holding them responsible for those votes on election day.

    I am thankful that the progressive Democrats of the Obama/Reid/Pelosi era have awoken the sleeping giant of the American people. Now we are getting involved and we will see a new era in America emerge in the next 20 years or so.

    My condolences to those big government progressives, there time has come to an end.

    • Good luck with that.

      If the Tea Party is serious about radicalizing the GOP and doing away with entitlements and corporate welfare, I suggest they start by toppling John Boehner. He’s one of the sleaziest hacks in Washington.

    • Americans are starting with Democrats first, then we can cleanse the RINOs next. Boehner is not standing in the way of progress as much as the corporate DNC is, all though he won’t last much longer.

  2. Maybe the Tea Party should become serious about spelling. In the last graf of your post, it’s “their” not “there” you moron.

    • Yes Luke, I am the product of government schools. Of course I will expect you to never make a misspelling in any of your comments, right?

      What a child you are.


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