Posted by: Rick | Wednesday, February 16, 2011

“You Will Work Till You’re 70 And You Will LIKE It!”

Elite reporters have little in common with ordinary Americans.  They’ve made it to the top of a high status profession.  They’ll never have to collect unemployment or go without health care.  As big-time winners, they feel supremely entitled to lecture their socioeconomic inferiors on responsible civics.

Which is why Jackie Calmes of The New York Times continually pushes stories like this:

The debt crises last year in Greece and other European countries served as a warning about the economic perils of chronic budget imbalances, and the rise of the Tea Party movement reflected a broader concern among Americans about the nation’s rapidly mounting debt.

Now some Democrats and Republicans are re-examining whether the political risks of raising revenues and curbing the most popular social programs might be outweighed by the urgency of addressing the looming budget impact of an aging population and rapidly rising medical costs.

This is largely false.  Poll after poll shows that the economy — not the deficit — is the overriding concern of the vast majority of Americans:

Reflecting the broad economic problems facing the nation, the deficit ranks far below the job situation as the biggest economic worry for most people, with no increase in focus on the deficit over the course of the year.  In the new survey, 47% cite the job situation as the economic issue that most worries them, while fewer than half as many (19%) cite the budget deficit.

It’s bad enough that Jackie Calmes’ Marie Antoinette mentality blinds her to the truth.  What’s worse is that too many Washington politicians — of both parties — share her world view.  They can’t understand why the little people aren’t up in arms over a problem thirty years away. In their minds, it’s everyone’s patriotic duty to sacrifice right now for the good of the budget.  Everybody they know says so.

You say you’re out of work and your mortgage is underwater?  Too bad.  Suck it up.



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