Posted by: Rick | Saturday, February 19, 2011

Wisconsin: Solidarity!

Republican politicians are justly uncelebrated for their profiles in courage.  They serve the corporate oligarchy full-time and with gusto.

So it’s not surprising that Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker and his henchmen in the legislature — citing a concern for public safety — have exempted police and firefighters from their union-busting scheme.

Fortunately, the cops and firemen of Wisconsin know that they’re next on Walker’s chopping block:

“We all have jobs to do and all of our jobs are important jobs so I don’t see why we’re exempted,” said Bill Drath a firefighter and member of the Wisconsin Professional Firefighters Association Local 487.  Drath says union members appreciate the gesture from the governor, but they don’t agree with the plan.  “The elimination of collective bargaining and what’s been in place in Wisconsin for 50 plus years is wrong,” continued Drath.  “It’s a step toward dictatorship, not democracy.”

Both unions have now thrown their support behind fellow state employees.  Police and firefighters have shown up in large numbers to join protesters at the state capitol.  “Our organization simply can’t stand idly by while the collective bargaining rights of so many in the state are stripped from them,” continued Palmer.  “We feel that he may be exempting us today, to come at us tomorrow,” commented Drath. “Divide and conquer.”

This is beginning to look like a classic Republican overreach.



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