Posted by: Rick | Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Power Grab Politics

Regarding Wisconsin, here are some facts:

1. State governments are in fiscal trouble because conservative policies hatched in Washington — wasteful tax cuts and reckless deregulation of the financial sector — drove the entire country to the brink of a depression, causing tax revenues to plummet nationwide.

2. Republican governors are exacerbating the problem by pursuing the same policies at the state level.

3. Government employees have been bargaining collectively for decades without bankrupting states and localities.

Here’s another fact: Conservatives never allow reality to impinge on ideology. 

Right-wing ideology dictates that tax cuts for the oligarchy trickle down to the peons, and that instead of fighting for their rights, workers everywhere should get down on their knees and thank their corporate overlords for allowing them to work at Wendy’s.

Union workers in Wisconsin have agreed to make sacrifices to help solve a problem they didn’t create.  But that’s not enough for Scott Walker and his paymasters.  They want to break the unions once and for all.  Workers must be made scapegoats as well as paupers.

This power grab is really simple.  It’s so simple that even moderate Democrats are getting it.  By virtue of his arrogance, Scott Walker is actually doing his country a big favor.

Prediction: Walker is going down, and he’s going down hard.



  1. Rachel Maddow is dead on on this:


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