Posted by: Rick | Monday, February 28, 2011

Brain Dead Conservatives

What does the Tea Party Borg — which is rapidly assimilating all Republican politicians — really want?  Less “government” and more “freedom”, I guess.  To me it seems kind of pointless, but on the far right, resistance is — apparently — futile.  Whatever.

In practice the teabaggers end up sounding like the flip side of the pie-in-the-sky liberals they excoriate for “throwing money at problems”.  Right now, they’re threatening to go medieval on the ass of any Republican Member of Congress who settles for only $60 billion in budget cuts instead of the Tea Party-approved magic number of $100 billion.

What that extra $40 billion — out of a federal budget of $3.7 trillion and an American economy of $15 trillion — is going to do for anybody is unclear.  Maybe a few less food inspectors will give some teabagger the precious freedom to contract ptomaine like Paul Revere.

Brain-dead subtraction is no better than brain-dead addition.



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