Posted by: Rick | Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Fox News: The Lying Has To Stop

Everyone’s having a good laugh over the palm trees and the psychotic protester in this ludicrous video, but it’s really not funny anymore.  Fox’s behavior has become so transparently odious that the network is now part of the story it’s supposed to be covering:

On the February 18 edition of Your World, protesters chanted “Fox lies” during correspondent Jeff Flock’s live report on the labor protests from the Wisconsin Capitol building.  During the segment, guest host Chris Cotter stated, “Well, I’ll tell you, Jeff, those folks protesting Fox — I’m wondering if they would prefer a state-run television network providing all the coverage.”

I think the Karma Police may finally have an arrest warrant out for Roger Ailes.  He’s been a lying sack of shit for too long not to baste in Hell.

Just don’t expect the mainstream media to demand any accountability.  They protect their own no matter what.



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