Posted by: Rick | Friday, March 18, 2011

The Invisible President

The political calculus at the White House today seems to be based on the following propositions: 

  1. The president must always look cool, calm and collected.
  2. Democrats must never appear to be partisan.
  3. Mainstream Republicans are significantly more reasonable than Tea Party Republicans.
  4. When Democrats advocate a particular policy, they should also mention that they want to reduce the deficit.
  5. Voters love “bipartisanship”.
  6. The jobs picture in 2012 will look good enough for the president to get re-elected.  So start catering to the bond market.
  7. Extremist Republicans in Congress will cause their party to overreach this year.  So just stay out of their way.
  8. Labor unions have no choice but to support the president in 2012.  So don’t get out in front when Republican governors like Scott Walker go nuclear on workers.
  9. The president must not try to change the parameters of the political debate in this country.  “Moderates” will be offended.
  10. The president must never question the values of Republicans.

Although I disagree with every one of these propositions, I still think the president will be re-elected.  How depressing.

Barack Obama could accomplish so much more if he showed a hint of that famous audacity.





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