Posted by: Rick | Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Here Comes Your Nineteenth Nervous Shutdown

I told you this was inevitable:

With time running short and budget negotiations this week having reached an angry impasse, Congressional leaders are growing increasingly pessimistic about reaching a bipartisan deal that would avert a government shutdown in early April. . . .

“After days of positive negotiations, with significant flexibility shown by the speaker, the House Republican leadership is back to agonizing over whether to give in to right-wing demands that they abandon any compromise on their extreme cuts,” Senator Chuck Schumer said.  “Instead of lashing out at Democrats in a knee-jerk way, we hope House Republicans will finally stand up to the Tea Party and resume the negotiations that had seemed so full of promise.”

Sorry, Chuck.  Not happening. 

The Boner can’t tease the teabaggers with visions of a shutdown and then not put out at the end of the night.  He’ll have a riot on his hands.



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