Posted by: Rick | Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Birthers On The March

Sean Hannity isn’t exactly an original thinker.  When you see him taking a new political tack, you can be sure that some high-ranking Republican strategist has handed him some fresh Crayola talking points to spew.  Here’s a good example:

Fox News host Sean Hannity scored an interview with GOP presidential candidate Tim Pawlenty last night, but instead of focusing on important issues, Hannity used the first third of his interview to discuss President Obama’s birth certificate, an increasing fascination of his.  Pawlenty, to his credit, dismissed the myth, calling it a “big distraction” and noting that CNN had physically handled Obama’s birth certificate and published pictures of it.  “Never trust CNN,” Hannity replied, before pushing Pawlenty twice more on the issue.

Certain powerful Republicans really want to push this birther nonsense.  Which ones?



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