Posted by: Rick | Friday, April 1, 2011

Nation Of Peons

I always buy my gasoline at the same convenience store.  The other day, while I was standing in the checkout line, the following conversation occurred:

CUSTOMER:  You know, I’ve been coming to this place a long time, and I’ve noticed that everybody who works here is an assistant manager.  What’s up with that?  Lots of chiefs, no Indians.

ASSISTANT MANAGER:  Well, I’ll tell you what’s up with that.  Since I’m an “assistant manager”, they only have to pay me overtime when they feel like it.  I get to work alone, opening and closing, no matter how busy it is, and I’d better not complain.  I can work six hours straight without getting a break.  They never give me a raise.  Basically, dude, I get shit on.

CUSTOMER:  That’s what I thought.  I’m an attorney.  You might want to have somebody look into this.

RICK:  It sounds pretty fishy to me.

ASSISTANT MANAGER:  This whole place is fishy.  I have to read this stupid discount script to every customer, even the ones outside getting gas.  Like I have time to do that when the line stretches to the door and all the pumps are full.  But if I don’t do it, and somebody from the company comes in, they can fire me. 


If corporate America and its political factotums get their way, we’ll all be assistant managers.



  1. It reminds me of a certain “restructuring”. LOL.

    Seriously though, it’s either “assistant managers” or everyone is part time so that the employers aren’t required to offer any kind of benefits. There is no sense of corporate responsibility. Not to the planet, the communities they operate in, or to their own employees who . I swear that living in our own twisted corporate aristocracy, and people are to scared to actually speak up and do anything about it.

  2. That’s what all the Republican union-busting is about. But maybe — just maybe — they’ve gone too far this time. A lot of people seem to be waking up.


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