Posted by: Rick | Monday, April 4, 2011

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Josh Marshall:

The Ryan [Republican] plan is to get rid of Medicare and in place of it give seniors a voucher to buy health care insurance from private insurers.  Now, what if you can’t buy as much insurance or as much care as you need?  Well, start saving now or just too bad.

Now, by any reasonable standard, that’s getting rid of Medicare.  Abolishing Medicare.  Phasing it out.  Whatever you want to call it.  Medicare is this single payer program that guarantees seniors health care, as noted above.  Ryan’s plan pushes seniors into the private markets and gives them a voucher.  That’s called getting rid of the program.  There’s simply no ifs or caveats about.  That’s not cuts or slowing of the growth.  That’s abolishing the whole program.  Saying anything else is a lie.

Amen, brother.



  1. The Republican plan may be a piece of garbage but the status quo with Medicare is not the answer either. As it stands, only Part A has no premium and even with the premiums for Part B and D, there is a glaring hole in the current plan. There is no Out of Pocket cap like most private health insurance plans. It is true that there is not limit on the amount Medicare will pay but the program only pays 80 % of the costs and leaves the elderly with 20 % of the medical bills.

    • If Medicare is underfunded — and it is — why not let young, healthy people buy into it?

      Oh, that’s right. Joe “Insurance Whore” Lieberman blocked it.

  2. The Republican mindset and their pseudo free-market advocacy position simply cannot tackle the health care issue – period – no matter how hard they pretend to try. This, in my opinion, is because their so-called “solutions” avoid the reality that at some point in their lives, everyone is going to get sick, and the free market model doesn’t deal well at all with these absolutes because the risk is so unpredictable. But, since the politicians don’t have to worry about themselves not being able to afford it, they’ve got no problem laying the brunt of the cost on the rest of the country who does.

    • Amen again, Vern. You sound like Bill Clinton here. (I mean that in a good way.)

      Why can’t Obama speak this clearly?

      • Haha! Thanks. It’s likely the only time I’m going to sound like a Democrat, and likely one of the few times that you and I will agree Rick, but let’s embrace it. 🙂


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