Posted by: Rick | Thursday, April 7, 2011

Complacency Alert

I’m not Brian Kilmeade.  I don’t think Paul Ryan is a genius. 

But neither do I think he’s an idiot.  Ryan knows that his plan to destroy Medicare and Medicaid is going to be a tough sell. 

Wendell Potter explains why we need to worry:

Rest assured that insurers have promised Ryan and his colleagues a massive, industry-financed PR and advertising campaign to support his proposed corporate takeover of Medicare.  If Democratic strategists really believe that Ryan has all but guaranteed the GOP’s demise by proposing to shred the social safety net for some of our most vulnerable citizens, they will soon be rudely disabused of that notion.  The insurers and their allies have demonstrated time and again that they can persuade Americans to think and act — and vote — against their own best interests.

The insurance industry needs to destroy Medicare for the same reason that Wall Street needs to destroy Social Security: there’s too much money at stake to ignore.  It’s a business imperative to get those billions!  If it wasn’t Paul Ryan putting forth this plan, it would be some other toady.

Ryan is irrelevant.  The middle class is facing a corporate “terminator” that won’t stop till it has all the money.



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