Posted by: Rick | Friday, April 8, 2011

Von Ryan’s Express

Paul Krugman, in his New York Times column and blog posts, is in the process of absolutely eviscerating the Republican Party’s Roadmap to Hell.  I mean, by this time next week, there’s going to be nothing left of it but a quivering pile of numbers that still don’t add up.  In a sane world, that would be the end of it.  Paul Ryan would slink off to a sinecure at the Heritage Foundation, and serious people could get serious about our future.

Unfortunately, that’s not how things work.  Always remember: The Republican Party has no interest in solving problems.  When they put out a deficit reduction plan that, according to the CBO, doesn’t lower the deficit — well, that’s a feature, not a bug.  The point of the Ryan plan isn’t to balance the budget; it’s to complete the transfer of the nation’s wealth to those at the top of the food chain.

Putting out a serious budget proposal would mean that Republicans might have to educate the likes of Sean Hannity, Steve Doocy and Sarah Palin.  Aside from being impossible, this is totally unnecessary. Republicans sell their policies based on slogans and emotionsIn this, they are aided by a debased American media, which, in its need to appear “fair and balanced” will never call them on their bullshit.

That’s why some of us on the left get so frustrated when Democratic politicians don’t make a progressive case.  If they don’t do it, nobody else will.



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