Posted by: Rick | Sunday, April 10, 2011

Ass-Backwards Politics

I just watched David Plouffe, Barack Obama’s election guru, deliver a wretchedly weak performance on Fox News Sunday.  What did I learn?  Here goes:

  • The deficit is the biggest problem the country faces.
  • The thing voters care about most is bipartisanship.
  • The president wants to cut a lot more spending.
  • The budget deal is a big win for the American people.
  • Republicans have a lot of good ideas.
  • The president will sign just about anything, as long as it’s bipartisan and the process doesn’t upset the voters.
  • Did I mention that Democrats think the government is too big and spends too much?  And that deficits are a huge problem, and that the president wants to cut a lot more spending?  Well, it is and he does.

Not a word about jobs or the right-wing assault on the middle class.  You know — the important stuff.  Pathetic.

Note: To ensure that the Republican message get widely disseminated, the White House is having Plouffe appear on all the Sunday shows today.

UPDATE: Plouffe went on Press the Meat and regurgitated the same mush.  More genuflecting to Republicans.  (Apparently, “independents” like that sort of thing.  Maybe that’s why they vote Republican half the time.)



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