Posted by: Rick | Wednesday, April 27, 2011

A Modest Birther Proposal

Now that Barack Obama has released his birth certificate, I call upon all Republican presidential candidates to do the same.  In addition, I ask that Congress appoint a commission headed by Donald Trump to validate the authenticity of these allegedly “official” documents.

Then, perhaps we can move on to more important issues.  Like the President’s college transcripts!



  1. As a conservative I hope this issues is settled so we can get back to educating people to the failure of his current policies.

    • Keep dreaming. From RedState:

      “Drudge linked this story on his facebook page, and at last count (30 second ago), all 16 comments were declaring it a fake (without even having seen it, of course). And that’s just it. Now that it’s been two years, it’ll NEVER satisfy the birther nuts.

      So, you may ask, why do they even bother to harp on it, since they’ll never be satisfied with evidence, and you CAN’T prove a negative. Well, to me, it’s proof of how nuts they are. It’s called obsession.

      Honestly, it ONLY helps Obama, because it gives him a clutch of unhinged morons to use as stand-ins for actual Conservatives who actually care about issues.”

      This is the Republican base.

  2. Orly Taitz says his Social Security Number is fake.

    What’s next?

    • You can take this to the bank: The wingnuts are going to spin tall tales about Obama’s college and law school days. Real “Manchurian Candidate” stuff.

      Yeah, I know it’s idiotic. But what do you expect?


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