Posted by: Rick | Monday, May 2, 2011

Mission Accomplished — For Now

This morning most Republicans are praising the Administration for killing bin Laden.  I don’t expect that to last, however.  Right-wingers are going to regroup and retaliate.  They carried George Bush’s neocon water for too long to let Barack Obama — whom they despise — get credit for anything.

When the dust settles, look for the wingnuts to go on off all kinds of crazy tangents.  To give you an idea of what lies ahead, here are a few comments from Michelle Malkin’s blog:

Dumping the guy’s body in the sea was a HUGE mistake.  With half the world distrusting everything this administration does, now the conspiracy theories will abound, and never go away.  They needed to KEEP the dang body and show IT to the world, not just some pictures that can be photoshopped.  Big mistake.  I don’t trust Obama and I don’t trust anything he says or does.  Nothing to see here.

Of course libs will politicize this.  Anything that lacks class and tradition, we can expect from those dirtballs.  This is a victory for the US Military.  I question why it took months to connect the dots if our intelligence indicated he might be there at this mansion as of last August.  Lucky he didn’t get away again.


Since when have you seen a crowd of college age people that would celebrate a victory for the US?  They are brainwashed everyday to hate our country and everything it stands for just like our fearless leader.  Do they really expect us to believe that this is spontaneous and that people carry 2008 Obama campaign signs and flags with them?  Do you know any student that owns a flag?

Glad to hear another sober mind reply.  Thank you.  It could no be more obviously staged than the May-Day protests, illegals protests in L.A./elsewhere or, let alone, the crap Wisconsin endured at the hands of the Fleabaggers & union turds.  This (the kids at the WH) is as obviously staged as any Kim Jung Il  (or, you replace dictators name with yer own choice) demanding; “love, adore me as your dear leader” moment for Obambi.

During his years in the U.S. Senate, Obama did what most Democrats did.  He worked for the destruction of President George W. Bush.  In doing so, he gave aid and comfort to the enemy.  For his ilk, Bush had to be destroyed whatever the cost.  The terrorists knew they could count on Democrats to undermine any serious effort to kill them, for Bush was more hated than they were.  They were right. Get a barf bag in preparation for a parade of Democrats posing as heroic figures in the fight against terrorism.  The real political hero was, and is, Dubya.  God bless and protect our military people.

Not that I’m calling the SEALs a liar, but the fact that there is no body to be seen that was “Burried at sea” before one camera got a look at it, I find that a bit . . . convenient. More so when it takes place when a person in the office of the president is facing tanking popularity and failing military campaigns globally.

Teabaggers will force the Republican Congress to investigate this thing eight ways from Sunday.  It’s going to make birtherism look rational.



  1. The time has come to call on shit baggers like Malkin on the carpet. She does nothing but promote hatred for the Democrats, Liberals, Progressives and the president.


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