Posted by: Rick | Monday, May 2, 2011

The Lowness Of Limbaugh

I had planned on listening to Rush today to learn where the Republican base stands regarding bin Laden, but my gag reflex isn’t going to let me.  In the first five minutes of his show, he keeps pretending to confuse the words “Obama” and “Osama”.

Click!  I don’t want to blow chunks.  Maybe I’ll try Hannity at 3:00.

UPDATE: Sean Hannity is trying to take what passes for the wingnut the high road today.  He’s giving Obama grudging credit while saying we wouldn’t have gotten bin Laden without Bush’s Gitmo torture tactics.  (There’s no point in arguing with right-wingers on this.  They’re having a very bad day, and they need to save face.  You might as well let them keep their little torture toy, because they’ll never give it up.)



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