Posted by: Rick | Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Democrats Ascendant?

See if you can guess who wrote this:

Obama will lose in 2012 for reasons very different from his victory in 2008.  By the time the next election comes around, voters will see all around them evidence of his weakness and incompetence.  It is now evident in the escape of Taliban prisoners in Afghanistan.  It will increasingly be clear as inflation mounts and gas prices continue to climb.  More and more it will be evident that this former community organizer is not up to the job and has no idea what he is doing.

[Note: Osama bin Laden is now fish food.]

He also wrote this:

Amid a Congress of baby steps, Paul Ryan strides like a giant.

In a party of timidity, hand-wringing and hesitation, Michele Bachmann roars like a lioness.

Together, Ryan and Bachmann are the core of the new, young Republican Party in the making, rising — as Gingrich did in 1994 — from the ashes of the discredited establishment.

[Note: Bachmann’s copy of the Ryan budget now has a big fat * next to the part about destroying Medicare. The lioness can’t head for the tall grass fast enough.]

Give up?  It’s this guy.  The one who’s always wrong.

Republicans don’t stand a chance!



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