Posted by: Rick | Thursday, May 12, 2011

Goldberg Variatons

Right-wingers need to get over their obsession with l’affaire bin Laden.  Obama got him and Bush didn’t.  They can’t wish that away.

In today’s whine, Jonah Goldberg thinks Obama bungled the aftermath:

I’m no expert on such matters — though I’ve talked to several about this — but even a casual World War II buff can understand that the shelf life of actionable intelligence would be extended if we hadn’t told the whole world, and al-Qaeda in particular, that we had it. . . .

While reports are pouring out from a gloating White House that’s leaking like the Titanic in its final hours, one can only assume our analysts have barely begun to exploit the data.  Couldn’t they have at least tried to give the CIA a week, a day, even a few more hours to look at it all before letting Ayman al-Zawahiri and the rest of al-Qaeda know about it?  Why give him the slightest head start to go even further underground?

If al Qaeda landed helicopters at the White House, killed the president, removed his body, and cleaned out the Oval Office, I think the American government might be a tad concerned.  Very quickly.

And how much “further underground” can al-Zawahiri go?  Maybe he’s now hiding in the Earth’s molten core.

These people are embarrassing themselves.



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