Posted by: Rick | Friday, May 13, 2011

How Handsome Is Glenn Beck?

History shows that there’s a not insignificant number of females willing to consort with males who are rich but not necessarily attractive.  Now, I’m no expert on what women want, but Rush Limbaugh has never struck me as a particularly good-looking man.  Perhaps he has a really fun off-air personality.  Perhaps he has an animal magnetism along the lines of a modern-day Henry VIII.  Perhaps he has physical attributes in his nether regions that make him a bona fide “catch”.  Who knows?  It’s my considered opinion, however, that when it comes to romancing the ladies, any success that Rush Limbaugh enjoys is due almost entirely to his enormous bank account, and that on that basis alone he should refrain from ever casting aspersions on the pulchritude of any member of the opposite sex.  Limbaugh disagrees, as even a cursory examination of his odious record in this area will show.

Here’s another wealthy wingnut who seems to be going down the same nasty road:

Meghan McCain was recently criticized by Glenn Beck for the way that her body looked.

McCain appeared nude in ad for Skin cancer and Beck stated that she should have hit the gym before doing anything like that.  He also said that he threw up when he saw the ad.

McCain responded by saying, “As someone who is known for his hot body, it should be easy to criticize the weight fluctuations of others, especially young women.”

Self-awareness is so difficult!



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