Posted by: Rick | Monday, May 16, 2011

Lemmings On The Potomac

What part of “this plan sucks” don’t conservatives understand?  Medicare privatization is unpopular!  Get used to it.

If you want a good laugh, go to this post at NRO and read the comments excoriating Newt Gingrich for daring to criticize Paul Ryan’s Medicare Destruction Act.  Here’s how one excitable wingnut responded to yours truly:

I am a nearly 60 year old person.  I have news for all people in denial.  The Ryan care plan IS painful, it WILL HURT.  That IS GOOD.  Repeat THAT IS GOOD!  We have run out of “painless” proposals.  Paul Ryan presents this plan as the least painful approach.  And that is good.  If for no other reason this proposal is why I BEG Paul Ryan to run for President.  Has anybody wondered why Herb Kohl is not running for reelection?  Could it be that the Democratic Party is trying to tempt Ryan with low hanging fruit?  WHO IS PAUL RYAN?  President in 2012, if he wants it.

The funny thing is, the Republican High Command knows the Ryan plan is death.  Notice how they defend it:

“The solutions offered by Chairman Ryan and House Republicans make no changes to Medicare for those in and near retirement, while offering a strengthened, personalized program that future generations can count on when they retire,” [Ryan spokesman Conor] Sweeney told National Review Online’s Robert Costa. [Emphasis added]

Every time a Republican talks about the wonders of RyanCare, he has to start by — in effect — trashing it.  Ryan and his bosses calculated that today’s seniors were selfish enough to throw their own children under the bus in order to “save” the system.

Bad call.



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