Posted by: Rick | Monday, May 23, 2011

The Bush Clones

Who is Tim Pawlenty?  He’s Mitt Romney without as many flip-flops.  Yet.

Republicans are disgusted with their candidates, but what do they expect?  Their idea cupboard is pretty bare.  Tax cuts for the rich.   Wall Street deregulation.  Corporate giveaways.  We  tried that already.  Thanks for the recession.

Their one “new” idea is to destroy Medicare to reduce the deficit they created.  Note to Paul Ryan: You can flip-flop now, or you can flip-flop later, but flip-flop you will.

If a white knight rides to the rescue to save Republicans from Mitt Romney, he’s still going to have to make Medicare chicken salad out of Medicare chickenshit.  It won’t be very tasty, even with a dash of teabagger spice.

My advice to Republicans: Get behind somebody now (Mittens, T-Paw, even Newtie) and forget about presidential politics till 2015.



  1. I am at a point, like a lot of America, that I would almost prefer a progressive Republican like Bush or Romney than a totalitarian socialists like Obama.


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