Posted by: Rick | Friday, June 10, 2011

Trump Speaks: “Republicans Are Stupid!”

The Donald has put out a video explaining why he’s not running for president.  Here’s the 411:

  • When it comes to dealing with Obama, McConnell and Boehner can’t negotiate for shit.
  • Paul Ryan is a wet-behind-the ears idiot who can’t play chess.
  • Medicare is a good program that has some fraud and waste.
  • Republicans are going to lose the House because Paul Ryan is stupid.
  • Democrats are laughing at Republicans over their stupid Medicare plan.
  • In the government shutdown showdown, Obama took Republicans to the cleaners on “spending cuts”.
  • NBC calls every hour to beg me to not to quit my incredibly successful show.
  • Eric Cantor wants to give money to foreigners who hate us, but he won’t give any money to tornado victims — which is stupid.
  • I’m already rich, but NBC keeps offering me boatloads of cash to continue my incredibly successful show — and it would be stupid to refuse.
  • If Republicans weren’t so stupid, I might still be running for president, because I’m a staunch conservative.
  • Obama is a menace to society, and if Republicans don’t nominate somebody smart, I might run anyway — so you better keep listening to me.

Watch it here.



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