Posted by: Rick | Thursday, June 16, 2011

Dylan Ratigan Is Part Of The Problem

Mr. Ratigan is a smart guy, but his television show is unwatchable.  His  insistence on assigning equal blame for our problems to both Republicans and Democrats drives me crazy.

Look, the Democratic Party has more than its share of crooks, but it’s not nearly as bought-and-paid-for as the GOP.  More importantly,  the vast majority of Democrats don’t buy into the ludicrous voodoo economic theories that Republicans have been using for thirty years to destroy the American middle class.

I’m all for getting money out of politics, but first we have to get Republicans out of government and replace them with enough real Democrats to make a difference.



  1. And you just proved how partisan brainwashed that you are Rick. You are a perfect example of why politics won’t change, you will vote party line no matter who is running.

  2. Republicans enforce strict party discipline on taxes: under no circumstance will they ever raise them. I think this is irresponsible. If they change their tune, I might consider voting for them again.


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