Posted by: Rick | Friday, June 17, 2011

RyanCare: Turd On A Muffin

Am I the only one who thinks Paul Ryan is a lousy salesman? This new ad put together by the totally fraudulent “60 Plus Association” (how stupid do you have to be to think this outfit is anything but a corporate front?) tries to turn Wonder Boy into Beaver Cleaver.  Eddie Haskell is more like it.  The guy positively drips with smarminess.

And how good can RyanCare be when its inventor has to constantly reassure people that the damn thing won’t take effect for another decade?  He’s pretty much admitting that his plan sucks and hoping nobody cares yet.

Wilford Brimley himself couldn’t sell this turd on a muffin.



  1. He cancelled a town hall meeting last month in his home state of Wisconsin, because he got word that the protesters was waiting for him. He’s just a snake oil salesman.


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