Posted by: Rick | Tuesday, June 21, 2011

On Republican Brainwashing

Nobody has less credibility on the budget than Republicans.  Their tax cuts, wars and recessions are responsible for almost all of the deficit.  But there’s more than simple hypocrisy behind their sudden insistence on “belt-tightening”.  There’s a recognition that the bleak future they intend to create won’t be easily sold to the voters.

If Republicans get back in power, they will (of course) administer another dose of the trickle-down economic policies that serve only to make the rich richer.  But because their tax cuts are guaranteed to once again balloon the deficit, they’ll also seek to shred the safety net in ways never seen before.

When Republicans look at the federal budget and say, “We’re broke”, what they really mean is “You’re broke — so get used to it”.  They’re conditioning the middle class to accept a future of reduced government services, a hollowed-out Social Security system, Vouchercare, and minimum wage jobs.

Resist the brainwashing.



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