Posted by: Rick | Thursday, June 30, 2011

Auf Wiedersehen, Herr Beck!

Glenn Beck’s last show on Fox airs today.  I’ll be watching, lest I miss an epic train wreck.

In honor of the occasion, the good folks at Media Matters have compiled a list of “The 50 Worst Things Glenn Beck Said On Fox News”, conveniently divided into five well-designed categories:

Violent Rhetoric
Breaches Of Common Decency
Paranoid Conspiracy Theories
Apocalyptic Predictions
Attacks On Obama And Other Progressives

Beck is reportedly planning to dial the crazymeter to eleven in his post-Fox ventures.  God help his followers.  Can you say “Becktown”?



  1. Yeah, I’ll miss him too. There is still his radio show, where I’m sure we’ll still get some entertainment. On Lawrence’s show they ran a montage of clips that was amazing. There was about one whole minute showing Beck making animal noises and wierd vocalizations that I wonder if he was speaking in a language that only understands. Those moments when he gets all choked up because he “cares about this country so much” made me gag a bit. How awesome would it be if John B was on his show and they both starting crying like a couple of palyground kids who had their ball stolen by the school bully??

    Or they could have a contest to see who loves his country more by shedding the most tears. Did you hear about Michele B’s latest gaffe?? When she announced her run for president she said something about John Wayne being from there, only she got the wrong John Wayne. Not the movie star,
    the other John Wayne…Gacey….the serial killer is from there. Whoops!!

    Gonna be a fun race to watch. Happy 4th!!


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