Posted by: Rick | Monday, July 11, 2011

Political Percentages (“Debt Crisis” Edition)

Republicans who actually care about the deficit: 10%

Republicans who supported the trillion-dollar wars that weren’t paid for: 97%

Republicans who supported the financial deregulation that caused the recession: 98%

Republicans who supported the Bush tax cuts that exploded the deficit: 99%

Republicans who will stop talking about the deficit the minute Mitt Romney is elected president: 90%

Republicans who want the United States to default: 25%

Tea Partiers who want the United States to default: 90%

Chance that the United States will default, at least for a few days: 25%

Chance that Barack Obama will invoke the fourteenth amendment to forestall default: 1%

Chance that Republicans will cave on taxes: 1%

Chance that Democrats will cave on entitlements: 50%

Chance that the final deal won’t do much of anything, but will be sold by both sides as “historic”: 80%

Maximum proportion of Tea Partiers who will be satisfied with any deal that doesn’t include default: 25%

Chance that Barack Obama will say lots of nice things about the final deal: 100%

Chance that John Boehner will say lots of nice things about the final deal: 100%

Chance that Eric Cantor will say lots of nice things about the final deal: 0%

Chance that Mitch McConnell is a human/turtle hybrid created by rogue scientists at Los Alamos in 1942: Insufficient data for probabilistic analysis



  1. You left out one:

    Chance that creatures who “think” like you are, in fact, Americans in their hearts, souls, and loyalties: 0%

    Keep jabbering though; there’s not much time left for your sort. Americans have awakened and will soon purge our nation of your sort.

  2. Overreact much?

  3. What about the percentage of Democrats who suported President Obama budget? 3% in Senate. Where is their backbone? How about percentage of Democrats in Representatives that proposed a budget for 2011 in start of 2010 when it was normally due? 0% by Pelosi. The Democrats didn’t do their work, and now whine and complain how it’s unfair. No sympathy for slackards and stupidity.


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