Posted by: Rick | Tuesday, July 26, 2011

How Crazy Are They In Utah?

I can understand comical idiots like Louie Gohmert and Steve King getting elected to Congress, but how does a creep like this end up in the U.S. Senate? —

In an interview on MSNBC’s Hardball this evening, tenther Sen. Mike Lee (R-Utah) admitted that he is using the threat of a catastrophic default to extort the nation into rewriting the Constitution to force a permanent era of conservative governance:

CHRIS MATTHEWS: How many days do you think we have, on the outside, to get this debt ceiling through before we have a problem? How many days?

LEE: I don’t know, maybe ten days.

MATTHEWS: Okay, in ten days you want to change the Constitution by two-thirds vote in both houses? That’s what you’re demanding.

LEE: Yes. If possible we can’t change the Constitution just in Congress but we can submit it to the states. Let the states fight it out.

MATTHEWS: And you think you’re being reasonable by saying you want a two-thirds vote in the House, which is Republican, and in the Senate which is Democrat. You want the Democratic Senate, by a two-thirds vote, to pass a constitutional amendment or you want the house to come down?

LEE: Yes. That’s exactly what I’m saying and I’ve been saying this for six months.

I watched this interview live, and it was frightening. Mike Lee is a smiling, grinning Tea Party pod person, completely disconnected from anything remotely human. He’s willing — indeed, eager — to sacrifice the American economy on the altar of his ideology.

The great political philospher Eric Hoffer described the Mike Lee mindset in 1951:

It is the true believer’s ability to “shut his eyes and stop his ears” to facts that do not deserve to be either seen or heard which is the source of his unequaled fortitude and constancy. He cannot be frightened by danger nor disheartened by obstacle not baffled by contradictions because he denies their existence. (The True Believer)

Orrin Fucking Hatch is now too sane for Utah. He’s going to get teabagged in 2012.

Scary times we live in.



  1. Crazy people get elected by dumb voters.


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