Posted by: Rick | Monday, August 15, 2011

What Have You Got To Lose, Mr. President?

In his weekly address on Saturday, Barack Obama continued his tiresome bitching about Washington:

[W]e can no longer let partisan brinksmanship get in our way — the idea that making it through the next election is more important than making things right. That’s what’s holding us back — the fact that some in Congress would rather see their opponents lose than see America win.

So you’ve got a right to be frustrated. I am. Because you deserve better. And I don’t think it’s too much for you to expect that the people you send to this town start delivering.

Members of Congress are at home in their districts right now. And if you agree with me — whether you’re a Democrat or a Republican or not much of a fan of either — let them know.

If you’ve had it with gridlock, and you want them to pass stalled bills that will help our economy right now — let them know.

If you refuse to settle for a politics where scoring points is more important than solving problems; if you believe it’s time to put country before party and the interests of our children before our own — let them know.

And maybe they’ll get back to Washington ready to compromise, ready to create jobs, ready to get our fiscal house in order — ready to do what you sent them to do.

Mr. President, the country can’t take much more of your whining. Nobody wants to hear how “frustrated” you are with Congress. You’re supposed to be a leader. (I know you’re terrified of offending so-called “independents” by taking strong positions, but people are beginning to wonder about your backbone. If you’re not careful, voters won’t notice that Mitt Romney is the biggest flip-flopper in history.)

So how about it, Mr. President? Propose something big on job creation! Even corporate America is sick of Republican economic cluelessness. Business wants customers, not speeches and spending cuts.

You have nothing to lose but your lousy poll numbers!



  1. Conservatives knew this guy had no backbone in 2008. I guess I should not be surprised the left is 3 years behind the curve.

  2. super websit. carry on. Great atticle.


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