Posted by: Rick | Monday, August 22, 2011

Hannity on Libya

As Sean Hannity gets older, his skull seems to be expanding, to the point where it’s much too big for his haircut. (Think Fred Flintstone.) Alas, the extra cranial capacity is wasted space — the man is dumber than ever.

Today on his radio show, the big doofus is trying to find some way to trash Barack Obama over the imminent fall of Qaddafi, and the undernourished brain hamsters inside his noggin are struggling mightily to manufacture a coherent thought. On the one hand, the president had nothing to with this. On the other hand, he needs to come up with a “plan” on how to run Libya post-Qaddafi. Oh, and he’s on vacation, which is bad. And he’s playing golf, which is worse. And the Muslim Brotherhood is on the march, so Obama has to fight them. And more such drivel.

Realizing that he’s been making no sense whatsoever, Sean moves to the subject of Obama’s weak poll numbers. He brings on Dick Morris, who says the president is going to fall even further. This cheers me up, because if Hannity is the dumbest talk show host in Christendom, Morris is the most inaccurate pundit. He’s literally never right.

Such are the goings-on in Hannity Land these days. Same as it ever was.



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