Posted by: Rick | Friday, August 26, 2011

Perry Glad He Won’t Have To “Bitch-Slap” Bernanke

REUTERS – Republican presidential candidate Rick Perry, who said on August 16 that it would be “treasonous” for the Federal Reserve to engage in further monetary stimulus, today is praising Fed chairman Ben Bernanke for declining to propose a third round of quantitative easing.

“I’m extremely pleased that Mr. Bernanke has chosen not to print more money in a vain attempt to jump-start the Obama economy,” said the Texas governor at a press conference in Austin. “I am, by nature, a peaceful man. I wasn’t looking forward to having to bitch-slap the little twerp. It’s against my religion.”

In opening remarks at the Fed’s annual retreat at Jackson Hole, Wyoming, Bernanke said he was prepared to recommend action if economic conditions deteriorated. This prompted another threat from Governor Perry.

“Look, I’m running for president,” said Perry. “That’s serious business where I come from. If Bernanke starts playing politics with the economy, there’s plenty of time for my fist to get acquainted with his face. I’ll knock his beard clean off.”

Bernanke could not be reached for comment.



  1. Rick ‘George w Bush’ Perry, is another loose tongued, right wing asshole.


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